Meet our Narrators

Gavin McAllister

Gavin is a full-time narrator in Omaha, Nebraska, lending his deep, sexy baritone to the naughtiest of books!  He has found his calling narrating M/M romance and erotica.

Tessa Stavers

Tessa is a highly rated narrator, exclusively focused on LGBTQ+ audiobooks.  Her voice is sultry, and has what can only be described as a smokey quality, and the flavor of a fine Scotch whisky.

A.C. Stone

A.C. has over 60 completed titles, mostly romance.  Clients love his lush baritone that can give life to a wide variety of characters.

Sophie Daniels

As a queer woman herself, Sophie loves telling LGBTQ+ stories.  She brings a quick wit and facility for accents to her work, and delivers a sexy, sweet, and swoon-worthy performance.

Brad King

Brad King is a former one-hit wonder rock star known for his ’80s hit “Bite Me,” as seen in the award-winning web series Old Dogs & New Tricks, available on Amazon Prime. He has now turned his talents to genre-specific narration.

Lia Holland

From serene woods and bustling cities, to worlds within words, Lia is an explorer at heart. She loves finding connections with people and places in the world around her, and it comes through in each story she is invited to tell.

Tim Paige

Tim Paige is an audiobook narrator with over 100 books to his credit. Passionate about bringing stories to life, he believes that they’re an opportunity to escape from reality (or to find a new lens with which to view it). He’s a sucker for a great rom-com with a HEA.

Senn Annis

Senn is an award-nominated professional audiobook narrator with a neutral North American English voice. Her passion for storytelling is informed by a BA in English Literature and a decade of stage performance with the Cirque du Soleil. She identifies as bisexual and relishes the opportunity to narrate LGBTQ+ content – everything from YA fiction to sexy times!   

Liam DiCosimo

Liam DiCosimo is a voice over actor and narrator, parlaying his skills as a musician and entertainer into his true love and passion of bringing the pages of literature to life as an American storyteller with an Irish soul.

Allie Piper

Allie Piper is a narrator born and raised below the Mason-Dixon. She can turn her sweet southern accent off and on, and can go from Southern Belle to dirty girl faster than you can say “Bless your heart”.

Jason Bishop

Jason is the boy next door who sneaks into the clubs at night and rides a Harley on the weekends. His malleable voice can be as wholesome or as dark as your deepest desires

Faith Clark

Faith is an American actress who followed her French lady-love to Paris, where she is now a dual citizen. She acts both onstage and behind the microphone in English and French, but she is particularly grateful to get to narrate audiobooks because she loves reading and telling stories, especially LGBTQ+ stories, in all genres. 

Kirt Graves

Kirt Graves is a full-time audiobook narrator of over 50 queer romance stories. A tenor by training, Kirt easily moves between characters of diverse ages, gender or ethnic backgrounds, and excels in new adult fiction, from boys next door to college jocks. He narrates erotica as Niko Karl.

Camille Quinn

Camille is a professional audiobook narrator. She is your girl next door with a love of travel and the performing arts.  From first kisses to second chances, her passion will bring your story to life. 

Dash Coleman

Dash Coleman is a professional audiobook narrator-producer specializing in love, lust, and everything in between. Smart, sensual, and suggestive.

Vivienne LaRue

With a voice that has been described as warm, luxurious and sensual, Vivienne’s versatility with accents has enabled her to work in many different areas of the voiceover community. She has narrated romance, non-fiction, horror, and fantasy.

Liam Price

Liam Price has newly arrived in New York from the English countryside, a life of travel and tea drinking has given him an array of accents and a knack for storytelling. It is the genuine English accent that gets him all the attention, maybe he is not so innocent!

Alyssa Avery

Contemporary romance? Epic fantasy? Sexy shifter adventure? Alyssa Avery immerses the listener in every story she tells. She specializes in a multitude of accents, loves working with partners, and knows how to work a climactic ending 😉

Piers Ryman

Piers is a British narrator who loves reading both contemporary and period romance. While he brings passion off the page with the best of them, at the heart of it he’s all about the feels.

Josie Kurz

Josie has a passion for storytelling and enjoys getting into the heart of a story and uncovering every last morsel of subtext to deliver the emotion beneath the words. Her naturally empathetic nature makes it easy for her to put herself in any character’s shoes. Exploring unconventional relationship dynamics and bringing them to life is what she does best.

Blake Lockheart

Blake is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community with a voice that can range from a dark and sultry baritone to a light and flirty tenor.  He is capable of bringing a wide range of accents and characters vividly to life while delivering passion and emotional depth.  

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